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motcast #10

Content is King but Influence is Queen - a deeper Reflection

Mark Schaefer
Special Guest Mark Schaefer
In the Era of the Internet Content is King but Influence is Queen. Because Influence means Power, based on the Ability to create Content and make it move through a Network. Literally Everybody could gain Influence today, using modern Publishing Tools and grow a large Following by strategic Networking. So far so good. But how does the the new Generation of Influencers affect our Marketing Startegies? Do Social Scoring Tools like Klout, Kred and PeerIndex change the Way we as Marketers think, judge and act? Do we all need to become Social Brands: Gain Influence or get lost? Social Marketing Expert and Best-Selling Author of 'The Return on Influence' Mark Schaefer provides Insights on how to increase your Influence and we reflect on the Essence of Influence in our Conversation with Host Ingo Stoll.
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